With a Guided Hand, so Came this Addition

Rather odd, i thought-- as I perused the various articles about Picasa software, looking for any Beta versions which might be available, I was directed to the URL: http://picasamusings.blogspot.com/

Having no real interest to orbit around yet another point of density in my own time-line; much less the incentive-- however interesting may be what discussion could ensue-- to follow through with the necessary registration was as if I did recognize a tangible gravity, pulling me to define the singularity-- which, now undeniable in form, will no doubt pull upon you, and others, just as these most dense bits of matter do inevitably pull on we which surround these core elements in focus; what passes by, purposeful or not, inherent of the former, or desire of the latter.

For those who are drawn, I have no reason to deny your participation. Ask, and you shall receive. It does seem a viable topic. But, very odd that this was created by no will of my own-- but merely upon completing big G's request that I provide my UserID and P/W. hmph.

anyway-- i venture to guess that someone must have used this domain in the past. i am curious how this came to transpire. maybe someone will entertain us with the story, and perhaps then a discussion will ensue, focused on the Picasa software? I'll go along w/ it for a while. 'n you?